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Mathias Leander Godø Dyb

Before: 72kg
After: 85kg


Thank you for helping me with your amazing Mass Gain Extreme Training Program and for all the motivation you have given me on instagram! You are a true inspiration :) Keep up the great work and keep striving to get better! Hope i will meet you one day :D

Here is my transformation. In the picture on the left, I weighed 72 kg and on the right I weighed 85kg. I have worked my butt off and I believe your training program and diet has helped me a lot! 

Alberto Arrighini

Body Fat
Before: 12%   After: 10%
Before: 70kg   After: 85kg


I’ve got into Simeon’s program MASS GAIN! Loved it. Simple. Easy to follow. And most of all it damn WORKS! Simeon has already shared a video I made for him but I’m writing cause the progress keeps going!  I finally met him in California. Huge charisma, loved the person, such a great guy. Hard work, dedication, and passion lead to greatness. He did it and he does it DAILY. 



Before: 133 Lbs
After: 155 Lbs


I have always looked for the motivation I could never find within myself. I tried various times to go to a gym, get the feel for working out, to see my body develop and grow. But could never keep it.

When I came across your Instagram, your program called out to me. It ignited that drive within me to transform not only my body, but my life. Your body was how I imagined mine would look after some time. That's all it took. For this I say, thank you. I used to live in the future when I should have been in the present looking forward. Taking control of my mind and distinguishing illusions from reality. Opinions from facts. Taking one step at a time instead of trying to leap. There is nothing like growth physically and mentally. Your program has helped me achieve this and more because I continue to grow all the way around the board. I aim to make something of this all. I will never stop and if you would like, I will continue to send in so that you may see my transformation and eventually, accomplishments and new goals. I will continue to keep up with your journey. The journey never ends.


Frank Hieden

Body Fat
Before: 25%   After: 7%
Before: 215lbs   After: 185lbs
Before: 36"   After: 31"

This is my Transformation. I started at 215lbs, body fat was 25%, I was wearing a size 36 pants. After picture I am 185lbs, 7% body fat and wearing a 31 to 32 size pants! Arm size went up as well. Thanks so much for the program looking forward to my next Goal! 


Demetrius Baker

Before: 230lbs 

After: 225lbs

I'm 25 years old, 6"4inches tall, former collegiate football player. I did the simeon panda transformation for about 12 weeks. Stayed super consistent with my diet. A pic to my left I was about 230, and to my right I am approximately 225. Not only had my transformation been head turning but as an athlete being more symmetrical with my physique has helped me become a better athlete!





Ben Miebs

Following Abs Solution Training Program
Age: 16 - 17
Before: 83kg   After: 74kg


I would like to Share my Transformation with you because you are a huge Inspiration for me. I am a sports student from Germany who trained there for about 4 years swimming until i had to quit swimming because i wasn't good enough for this sport. So i decided to find a new sport and saw you on Facebook with your training passion and love for bodybuilding. Sounds a little bit silly but at the beginning i just wanted to have a six pack and tried your "get abs" plan with your lean diet. It was hard but after some results i was motivated to go on and lost almost 9 kg. I lifted some weights at this time but wasn't pretty serious about bodybuilding.

I continued with your Mass Gain Extreme Guide. I followed it 100% and was impressed about the results and can truly recommend it! My diet took me 6 months and now I am following your Mass Gain Extreme Guide for exactly one year. These are the measurements:


Following Mass Gain Extreme Training Program
Age: 17 - 18 
Before: 74kg   After: 90kg
Before: 38cm   After: 44cm
Before: 57cm   After: 68cm
Before: 39cm   After: 41.5cm

Michael Schenken

Before: 149lbs 

After: 155lbs


I'm 19 years old, 5'8, and a college student. In the picture to the left I weighed around 149lbs before starting Mass Gain Extreme. After using your program for about 8 weeks and sticking to a solid diet, I now weigh 155lb. Throughout my transformation not only did I notice an increase in strength, but also in size and I couldn't be any happier with the results. Thank you Simeon for this amazing program!


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