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Ganancia Muscular ‘EXTREMA’ - La Guia Completa



The famous publication 'Gain Muscle: The Hardcore Edition' has been revised and made into an 'Extreme Edition'. The publication that was of 15 pages has been extremely improved and now consists of 80 pages . This e-  book publication will  guide you step by step as I train myself and the type of diet and regimen I do to increase muscle mass and keep my body fat percentage below.

What's included:

Written and designed by Simeon Panda with more than 15 years of experience
Download and access any smart device
80 pages full of information

Key exercises, rep ranges, number of sets, rest period

Diagrams of the muscles that are used exactly in each exercise
Training Tips and Rules of Gold
My daily meals including serving size
The Essential Nutrition Guides I Follow Every Day
My list of supplements and the benefits of each

It's time to take your physics to the next level!

All training programs can be downloaded in PDF format and can be saved on your computer or smartphone.

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