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Fat Burn Extreme (For Men & Women)



This ebook is the ultimate training guide for torching your body fat, a comprehensive 133 pages of training routines and fat burning information, based on the extensive experience of world renowned fitness professional Simeon Panda.

Ladies and gents there is no stone left unturned, everything is covered, cardio, weight training, diet, nutrition and supplements.

Start your fitness journey today!

What's included:

Written and designed by Simeon Panda with over 15 yrs experience
For Men & Women
Download and access on any smart device
Detailed exercise plan designed to shred fat and define your physique
Exercise video demonstrations
Fat torching cardio routines 
Full Weight training routines 
Annotated diagrams of the exact muscles used with key exercises
Full 7 Day Meal Plan for omnivores and vegetarians
Nutritional guidelines 
Supplement guide and much more...


It's time to torch the fat!

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