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My Transformation and FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old were you when you started?

Although the first pic shown is dated 2002, I actually started training circa 2001 at between 15/16 years old.
How much did you weigh?
No idea but I was skinny!

2001 - 2016 is a long time, have you had any time off? 

Nope, in the time frame shown the longest amount of time I have had off consecutively, is probably 4 days due to being severely unwell.

How much do you weigh now?
Usually 104kg / 228lbs 

And how tall are you?

I thought you would weigh a lot more!

Yes I get this a lot, the scales aren't the greatest measuring instrument when assessing how a physique actually looks. Plus you have to consider a leaner physique has the juxtaposition of looking bigger while actually being lighter. 
What is your body fat percentage?
I stay around 7%
How have you managed to stay lean and still build?
Training hard (I do mean hard!) consistently for many years while eating ‘healthily.’ I’ve avoided the typical bodybuilders ‘bulking and cutting’ and have just eaten ‘enough’ healthy nutritious food I need to grow, without putting on excess fat.
Where can I find your routines and diet?

Right here: Mass Gain Extreme - The Complete Training Guide

Will it make me look like exactly like you?

Two physiques can never look exactly the same, but it can help guide you to achieving the best from ‘your’ physique, as I try everyday to pursue with mine.

How big are your arms?

Around 20" my left is prob 19.5" all my limbs on my left side are about half an inch smaller, muscle imbalances affect us all!

And finally how much do you bench? 

On a very good day around 190kg/425lbs but who really cares, Just Lift.


A whopping 80 page guide ebook to train exactly how I do and to follow the diet that keeps me lean all year while still building mass!

Download to any smart device.


✔ Written and designed by Simeon Panda with over 15 yrs experience

✔ 80 pages packed with info

✔ Key exercises, Rep ranges, number of sets, rest period

✔ Annotated diagrams of the exact muscles used with key exercises

✔ Training tips and golden rules

✔ Daily meals (incl portion size)

✔ Essential nutrition guidelines

✔ Supplement list and how the benefits

✔ Smartphone friendly viewing

 It is time to take your physique to the next level! 








  • jonathan panda: December 29, 2016

    simeon what sports did you play when you where youger

  • Cornelius Wyatt Jr: November 05, 2016

    Congrats on your success. As many has stated, watching your posts are truly motivational. At 46 yrs old, weighing 245 lbs and standing 6ft, I want to achieve my goals of being physically fit with a sculpted body.

    There’s just sooooo much on the market and I find myself searching for the basics(right food prep, mentor, proper exercise techniques, etc)

    I must say, your pics and videos surely give me hope, but many times I ask, am I being realistic. Like you, I will continue to focus in hopes one day things will click for me.

  • Allen : October 26, 2016


  • Vernet White: August 04, 2016

    Hi Simeon, just like to say F***k the haters man. I have seen you train and boy do you go hard or what, keep going man, respect

  • Milan clyne: July 07, 2016

    You really seem knowledgeable, the game needs more smart bodybuilders like you
    The 6ix is watching (sorry meant reading)
    Milan_clyne #bless

  • Tyler Creighton: July 06, 2016

    Ive been giving major thought of making it to the gym five days a week. Ever since I found out I couldnt be a marine it felt like my life took a downward spiral after i graduated, I put on what I think to be 15-20 pounds and want to make a change this summer into being where i was and better, bigger. I am finally going to do it, I need this change, and what you have provided has given me more than a boost to getting me started. I look to officially start in August when I move back home.

  • Kehinde Olaleye: June 30, 2016

    First, you’re a major motivation Simeon! Been following you for about a year now, and always happy to see your posts. I will also like to give you congrats on all the hardwork you have and still put in to attain a physique like yours. You’ll always have my support! Continue doing what you’re doing, and know a kid from Cali is watching. Peace

  • ruwan : June 30, 2016


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