How to Build Big Arms


I always receive emails and messages from people having difficulty building mass on their arms, 'What exercises should I be doing?' 'How often should I train them?' Well the first question I always ask is, do they have their own day? Think logically, lets hypothesise that you train each muscle group with the same frequency, same intensity and growth occurs equally amongst the groups. If your starting position was small arms and you grow all round at a ratio of 1:1, your arms will always be small relative to your initial proportions. Therefore in order to improve your arms or any muscle group, you need to increase one of the aforementioned factors we hypothesised were equal.



What I have found from many people that complain about small arms, is that arms training only occurs after a larger muscle group, most commonly Chest or Back. I'm sure we are all familiar with the 'Chest & Triceps,' 'Back & Biceps,' training split.

Let's be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this training split, but if you want to improve your arms they'll need more attention, they can't be an after thought, they need their own day! Yes a whole training session dedicated to arms, but what if you already have an arms day? Well in that case DOUBLE UP! You have to understand that there are generic rules, training splits etc, but we are all different and have goals unique to our proportions. This means that some of us not blessed with 1:1 ratio of symmetrical growth will have to shake up our training split.




Here's where it gets interesting, the intensity you train will be a significant determining factor for the speed at which your improvement will take place. In my Mass Gain EXTREME  Training program I include an intensity guide and yes we turn it right up!

There are many ways to increase the intensity of an arms session, the weight you lift, the sets and reps you perform, right down to the tempo of your reps. Training methods like super sets and drop sets are a great way to really blast your arms.



I could really go into great depth about form, from keeping it strict to knowing when and how to break it.  When training arms, unless you're going for a personal best, you really should aim to keep your form as clean as possible, I assure you, it'll be the best thing you could do for growth.

Tools like the Just Lift. Arm Blaster help you keep stricter form and provide greater isolation, which means greater tension and stress on the biceps muscles. Greater stress on the muscle equals more potential growth of your biceps.


Take everything mentioned into consideration, implement it where possible and watch your arms growth increase quicker than ever.

Now you've read the blog, check out the video below:



  • Scott Miller

    Just want to say thanks for all your help in everything you do. Follow all your social media but mostly on YouTube. You give great info and a positive outlook on all aspects of your life. I am 5.8ft tall and I’ve recently went from being overweight (15.5 stone) to (11 stone). I managed this over a year while training at that gym. I have lost a lot of muscle mass but also fat. Now concentrating on muscle and your videos are helping a lot. I change my training daily and am using your method going right at the set and rep range the way to one rep max. I would like faster results but due to time constraints it it’s hard but oilman slowly getting there and setting gains. Just wanted to give you a big thanks for all your help and keep all the motivation coming. ??

  • ranjan bobade

    Thats really good workout but thats really works……??

    Bcoz some people hit their workout with two body parts
    (Chest triceps, back + biceps, shoulderlegs)
    Which is better ….????
    Single part or double body part

  • Michael

    thanks for the information ….i hope it will help me improve my arm size

  • Robbie comerford

    Wassup simeon just wana know is there certain workouts for toneing or does it just happen when they start building ?

  • ras eddie

    Thank you this has helped me a lot.I’ve been struggling with the belly muscle more than the arms.I’ve been gyming natural for 3yrs but avant get better of the stomach.

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