Are you not inspired?

I could have put a motivational quote on this pic, and have it fly around the social network on inspo pages; you know those pages with pictures of Ferrari's next to private jets, with a guy checking the time on his Rolex.

Instead I'm going to give you some context. This photo was taken at a villa we rented in Cyprus close to a town where I was co hosting a seminar. After taking a dip in the pool one evening, I said to the photographer, 'hey take a pic of me sitting on the edge of this infinity pool, it'll look cool.' Nothing wrong in that, it did look cool and was a nice photo, but if I write some BS quote at the top, it suddenly becomes inspirational.

Now don't get me wrong, I want to inspire and motivate people, I thrive off that! But it's got to be the right way, a sincere way. I'm personally not primarily driven by money; I get satisfaction by proving to myself I am capable of completing a challenging task. So granted some endeavours may bring you fortune, but the focus should be achieving the task you set out.

I do not believe those inspo posts of a gent relaxing on a yacht with a quote above, have the positive effect on the masses that is intended. I'd rather see or read about a person working, mastering their craft.

It may not be visually appealing, but it would actually be more conducive for people to see the graft and hustle, the late nights, and draw inspiration from knowing success takes hard work, those inspo pics tell you nothing about that.

I have no real gripe with those posts, what works for some, works for some. I saw my photo and someone had edited it adding a quote above, it just got me thinking, so I figured I'd share my thoughts

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