How to get a six pack

So you say you want a six-pack? The first thing you need to do is a million crunches right? Wrong, this popular misconception is responsible for seriously wasting people’s time. I would like to say it is an amateur mistake but I witness gym veterans who still make this mistake everyday.

Now I’m not saying that crunches, leg raises etc are not the way to build abs because they clearly are, my concern is the amount of body fat I see people carrying who work endlessly on their abs and the delusional idea that strenuously working your abs will make them eventually protrude through the fat, it won’t I’m afraid.

If you are able to read this blog then it is fair to assume you are human, if you are human you have abs, fact. It is a popular desire for us to see this musculature through the skin, with the knowledge now that you already have abs the next step is workout (pun intended) how to get them to show.

Your first step is to have your body fat measured, look at this table below:

Lean  10 – 14%
Very lean  < 9%
Competitive  3 – 6%
Lean  16 -20%
Very lean  < 15%
Competitive  8 – 12%


Where do you fit in? If your body fat is above what is considered lean, unless you have plans on specifically strengthening your core you have no business doing abs exercises in search of a six-pack. Your goal should be to first reduce your body fat and expose the abs you already have, they could already be quite developed but until the body fat is reduced you will be none the wiser.

If you do have low body fat and your abs are still not really showing then by all means get to work on them and build them up which you could do using my Six Pack Extreme Training Guide.

I will leave you with something to think about from a hypothetical scenario:  Overweight gentleman wants a six-pack and spends 30mins doing crunches which burns 130 calories, the same guy could have spent 30mins walking briskly on a treadmill on incline and burned 500 calories, one of these routines would get him to his goal of seeing his abs faster and ironically it is not the abs routine.







It’s time to create that washboard stomach with the Six Pack Extreme Training Guide. Not only does it provide ab routines that target the upper and lower abs and obliques but it also gives you fundamental information and nutritional advice that should help tremendously in achieving your desired ripped stomach.


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