Why I've trained for 17 consecutive years

I had a moment this weekend at the supermarket, when I was asked by the fishmonger (btw the roasted whole sea bass I made was exquisite) how long I had been training. I was taken aback by my own words, 'almost 17yrs my friend,' I replied, then I stopped and thought wow, that's a long time! 'Chan can you believe I've been training for 17yrs!'

'Yes Sim, it's a long time' she replied apathetically, understandably as it wasn't exactly 'news,' however it certainly got me thinking, 17 is the age a good number of my followers have been alive.

The fishmongers follow up question was, had I been consistent the whole time, which I have; in fact to this date, if my memory serves me correct, I've had no more than 4 consecutive days off training since I started back in 2001.


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With all this being said, I'm sure many of you are thinking 'why?' What motivates you to train 17yrs straight, what did you hope to achieve.
Shocking to many, it wasn't to achieve the highest accolade in bodybuilding, with one of the most respected federations in the world.

To give a straight answer would be disingenuous, as my reasons for continuing to train changed, or to be more precise, matured as the years passed.
It started simply with a notion that muscles and strength are masculine, and as a 15yr old teenager, the desire not just to be a man, but 'a man's man' is organic. So just like millions of other teens, that got me started, but I quickly fell in love with weightlifting, it gave me a feeling and an experience I never had, completely unrivalled by anything else at the time.
It helped me when I was down, it taught me discipline, it taught me that sometimes you have to go through some hard times to strengthen, to come out the other side better.

Half way through the many years, I took control of my diet, I wanted to be healthy in every sense of the word.

My reasons for training now are for all the many positive aspects I have observed over the years, amplified by the fulfilment I feel everyday when I train.



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    yo yo warup SIM……good physique you gats there man true motivation…straight outta zimbabwe,Africa

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