Why you're more lean in the morning...And Taller!

Not only do you look more lean, you actually weigh less too! Weight is reduced as a result of respiration, perspiration and urination (if you get up to use the bathroom during the night) Up to 80% of weight loss during sleep is from water.

Taller in the morning..really?

Yep! By up to 1-2cm. Pressure from walking upright all day causes compression in the cartilage in your spine, forcing water from the discs in between the vertebrae to diffuse. When you sleep, your body gets to relax, easing pressure on your spinal discs and allowing water to be taken back into the spine without the pressure of standing.


A whopping 80 page guide ebook to train exactly how I do and to follow the diet that keeps me lean all year while still building mass!

Download to any smart device.


✔ Written and designed by Simeon Panda with over 15 yrs experience

✔ 80 pages packed with info

✔ Key exercises, Rep ranges, number of sets, rest period

✔ Annotated diagrams of the exact muscles used with key exercises

✔ Training tips and golden rules

✔ Daily meals (incl portion size)

✔ Essential nutrition guidelines

✔ Supplement list and how the benefits

✔ Smartphone friendly viewing

 It is time to take your physique to the next level! 








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