Keep Moving Forward


As those of you who were following the Olympics would be well aware, Jeffrey Julmis took a tumble on the first hurdle of the mens 110m Semi Finals, but got up and finished the race, composing himself to attack each hurdle. I cannot even express how poignant that is, life isn't always plain sailing, but when you fall down you have to get back up and keep moving forward, you owe it to yourself. 



Take a look at the position this man found himself in, literally stumbling on the first hurdle, laugh all you want but it took courage to complete the race as he did, we can draw inspiration from winners all day long, but the reality is in life we don't all feel like winners. Life can be hard as hell, so if there is anything we need to learn, it is to pick ourselves up when the proverbial hits the fan and keep going. 

You could disregard everything I've said as platitudinous, as when you find yourself in a similar situation it's much easier said than done. That is where you have to help others, when they are down remind them who they really are, who you know them to be, what you know they are capable of, and encourage them to keep going, to keep moving forward. 


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  • Tawanda gravity shumba

    Very inpirational man….keep moving forward no mater what

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