Build bigger Calves

Calves, you’ve either got them or you haven’t right?…Wrong! 


Don’t let anybody tell you that having decent looking calves is a birthright only. I am in no way discounting that some are born with a pair of chicken fillets slapped above their ankles. But to take the defeatist attitude, that if you weren’t born with them you can’t build them, goes against absolutely everything bodybuilding fundamentally is about. 

Quite frankly until a few years ago I had no calves to speak of, they were well below par and did not match my upper body at all. So why had every other body part increased equally and calves had not? Well to put it simply, they just weren’t getting the stimulus they needed to grow. But Sim, 'your calves are cool, but they aren’t much to shout about,’ I concur! They wouldn’t evoke feelings of envy from Kai Greene, but you should have seen them before I ‘built’ them up to the standard they are now.

That’s just the thing, some of us will start our bodybuilding journey, with muscle groups that meet the entry level of acceptance in the fitness community, and some of us will not. Personally, I was skinny all over when I started and over the last 16 years, I have gradually built a considerable amount of muscle all round, but calves? Now they were stubborn…or were they?

I gave them a few sets on a single leg day, that’s was it! How much growth did I really expect to get from just a few sets once a week? 

So a fews years ago (after over a decade of invisible calves) I made the conscious decision to work on the size of my legs and dramatically improve my calves. 

To do this I went with the basic principle, that frequency would be the key I needed to unlock faster growth. I trained legs twice a week and trained my calves 5 times a week. Yes, of the 7 days a week I was training, I would hit my calves on at least 5 of them. 

As excessive as that may sound, I assure you it was far from; just two high volume, high rep calves exercises was all I did at the end of my training session, regardless of whichever muscle group it came after. 

It worked fantastically; I was seeing improvement year after year. Yes I said ‘year after year’ not week after week or month after month; growth takes time which my experience has taught me well. 

So for those of you with calves that make the ignorant social media commentators, lambast you with the comment ‘skipped leg day’ try implementing more frequency in training them, be patient and they will grow! 



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  • Emmanuel

    Thanks for this one. I’m so not giving up on my calves. At least not now that I’ve seen this. Really appreciate!

  • Yaz

    Really happy I stumbled across this. As a Woman there isn’t as much of a stigma (re: skipping leg) as we’re expected to have slender legs. However I’ve always personally wanted to develop my calves and didn’t seem to be having any luck (I was always poked fun at for being tall & slim – with the legs to go with it). As a personal choice I’d started upping how frequently I trained them, so reading this gives me hope (seeing as you struggled too). Equally my parents were gym fanatics in their late 20’s then let it go, but had developed great legs in the process, so I guess there’s hope after all :)

  • Enrique Saenz

    New to social media & so glad I found you man. I struggle with my diet & have small calves.. I want to buy your book & some products & learn from you, as you inspire me. Again thank you. I will follow you loyaly. Blessings…

  • Sam

    Here, take my money. I need help with my calves.

  • chris miracle

    that’s good men

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