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Just Lift. Knee/Elbow Wraps



Just Lift. Knee / Elbow Wraps are premium grade and have been extensively developed and tested in accordance with the needs and wants of weightlifters. Just Lift. Knee / Elbow Wraps are designed to offer support to the knees and elbows, during lifting and pressing exercises, such as squats or Bench Press. They are sturdy, stretchable, washable, fully adjustable and fasten with a strong Velcro grip.

All Just Lift. Knee / Elbow Wraps are sold as a pair.


  • Supports knees or elbows during lifting
  • The compression can help with tennis elbow, tendinitis etc. making lifting more comfortable
  • Elasticated and fully adjustable
  • Fastens with velcro grip


Length 70″ (177.8cm)

Width 3″ (7.6cm)

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