Plus Size Mannequins in the Fitness Industry

Let me start off with saying each and every individual that enters a training facility, for the purpose of self improvement, be it gym, ring, dojo or cage deserves respect. It is beyond ridiculous (and diametrically opposes the concept of a training facility) to expect each and every individual of varying levels of proficiency, and each with their own specific goals, to all fit a warped ideal of shape and size. ⁣

The fashion industry would not exist without a desire we ALL have to look and feel good. The majority of us buy into the notion that clothes make us feel good on some level, be it designer brands or the way a certain brand fits and feels. ⁣

The gym of all places is one I would hope and expect to see the least judgement, a place where we all were once amateurs, all were apprehensive, all entered with a goal. Not a single soul entered as a finished specimen; and if you are of the same thinking as me, the goal is perpetual, an on going journey of self improvement. ⁣

It feels silly (even though it is deserved) applauding or congratulating Nike on something that really should not have caused as much controversy as it has. Quite frankly, we should have realised a long time ago, that in the fitness industry at the very least, plus size mannequins needed to be available and used alongside all others. To the shock of many of us, rather than salute the brand there has been some backlash about the plus size mannequin. 

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