Grow a bigger bum

So many myths flying about how to grow a bigger bum that I decided to list a few and debunk them for you.

1. Protein shakes will give me a bigger bum

Protein shakes will not directly give you a bigger bum; protein powder is a supplement. When protein shakes are used as a sports training aid for someone attempting to add muscle, it is used as an additional source of protein to meet the higher demands that will be required by someone putting extra stresses (exercise) on the body.


2. There are foods I can eat that will make my bum grow

There are foods you can eat that will make you ‘grow’ but besides these foods being unhealthy and bad for you in the long run, you will also have no control over where you will put on fat (yes fat) so while you may start to consume excessive amounts of whatever food item you have been ill advised assists the growth of your bum; hoping to look like Jennifer Lopez, you could just end up looking like Homer Simpson. Doughnut anyone?

3. If I just do a 100 squats every evening before bed my bum will grow

Many women talk about doing a 100 squats before bed or something along those lines but that is far from enough, should you do 100, 200, 300?’

100 squats with your own bodyweight may hurt but it is not enough to get your body to destroy and rebuild which is the whole premise of building muscle and if you want your gluteus maximus muscle (bum) to grow you’re going to have to put it under something it hasn’t felt before, literally. What you really should do is find a weights workout program that has been written specifically to target the glutes like my Legs Round Bums and Flat Tums

Let’s face it your legs and bum have carried you around your whole life, so it’s safe to assume they pretty much know how to handle your bodyweight. Therefore, in order to cause a reaction (growth) you will need to add weight. Here’s the science, as you put your body through the new stress, tiny tears will occur on the muscle fibres and your body will fix these tears making them bigger and stronger enabling you to handle the stress in future, overall outcome; bigger and firmer bum.

4. If I have sex with my boyfriend from behind my bum will grow

I really didn’t want to have to add this to the list of myths but as illogical as it is, it’s actually a quite common myth that I have heard on more than one occasion, more common among the younger generation. I can without doubt assume that a guy came up with this one.


  • Isela Nevarez

    I want to train with you round bum workout. Need info how about to go and get that

  • DeAna

    I have a great bum, but doesn’t hurt to firm it up! Also would like to lose some weight in other areas! HELP

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