Patience, even through set backs


Learning to be patient not only helps keep you on the right track with your goals, but it also teaches you how to deal appropriately with set backs.

Upon experiencing a set back, the initial reaction is to, well ... over react, panic, be distraught it's not going to plan.
However patience has taught me that reacting in such a way serves no purpose, it is in your best interest to remain composed and have a clear mind that can assess how to rectify the situation, so that you can continue on course.

Patience offers to you a relaxation, a calming, not in the lazy sense, but in such a way that helps you to make better decisions, thus aiding you to achieve your goals in the most efficient manner.



A whopping 80 page guide ebook to train exactly how I do and to follow the diet that keeps me lean all year while still building mass!

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✔ Training tips and golden rules

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✔ Supplement list and how the benefits

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  • Kodi

    I totally agree with you. Setbacks can be frustrating and cause us to feel defeated. It is important to be patient with ourselves, knowing that our trials are only temporary. With that being said, having a clear mind is essential, so that our decisions are based upon logic and not emotions.

    I enjoy reading and responding to your blogs Simeon : ).



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